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Service in Coffee Shops

Even though I enjoy a good supply of Tonx, I still find myself in coffee shops.

To me, good coffee shop service is an efficient queue where your order is taken over the cake section and payment is sorted promptly. You then collect your drink after only a few minutes wait. The whole transaction should be over in less than 10 minutes, if the store is busy.

Today, Costa Coffee took just over 20 minutes to complete this cycle. It got me thinking: why the hell am I in this queue?

The same amount of staff could have manned and served everyone at their tables, making it more convenient for customers and for the staff.

Perhaps, it’s time I went to coffee shops with only table service.

"Some men just want to watch the world burn."

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As Gruber says, too little, too late.

But, it looks great!

No, it’s not being zapped out of UK men’s balls, but not enough men are coming forward and providing enough good quality… samples.

Yosemite Beta?

Since I have an almost unused iMac sitting in the spare room, I thought I’d make use of it to play with Yosemite since it won’t matter too much if I break it.

Hopefully, I beat some of the rush by singing up for the Beta programme only a few weeks after it was announced. Knowing my luck, I missed the first 1 million sign-ups about a day ago.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Update: I originally said I was signing up to Mavericks beta, which certainly would have been a late sign-up.

Whoever thought this was a good idea and a moral way of working is an idiot.

Wings have tried to convince us they are not lending inappropriately, but this looks very bad.