Well, this article explains a few things.

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Hey baby…. Wanna kiss?

Not only is the app free, but you get a great experience right out of the starting blocks without any in-app purchases.

There was something lovely about writing my wedding speech with the fapping and chunking of a typewriter. I found myself typing to a rhythm that not only sounded more pleasant, but made my writing smoother and clearer.

I’m going to have a good old play with this, and perhaps even be brave enough to switch of the delete key.

“Even monkeys fall from trees.”
— Japanese Proverb

This is an interview with Robin Williams on the WTF podcast. It has been rerun in memory of Robin, with a new, heartfelt, intro and outro.

After listening to this, I needed a good forty minutes of silent driving.

We lost another great, great man and I’m so sad to hear that one of my heroes has left us.

Rest in peace.

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Have a go at this taster of Song of the Universe, my, almost ready to rock, novel.

I feel dirty.

It helps to get 4G coverage if you actually activate 4G in Settings.


The Matrix has you.