Available to buy exclusively for Kindle.

My first book is now on sale exclusively for Kindle. It’s at a low promotional price for the month of September. I hope you enjoy it.

Terrible crimes have been committed in the sleepy town of South Fairbridge. The main suspect, Shaun Osborne is arrested, but - before justice can be done - Detective Gin Sodan discovers that there is something much darker about this man. It has been years since he last felt true evil. This revelation will need him to revisit the horrors of his past, a past he thought he would never return to.

Joshua Stone is an innocent boy, a loner, a kid who fully exercises his imagination. After discovering a knife in the beautiful Marsh, he is transported to the world of Terefir and enslaved by the Deceivers, a race of dark spirits who hunger to rule the world entire.

Marie is a foster mother who loves the children in her care deeply. Soon, she will discover not only that there is another world, but that there is such a thing as the Song of the Universe.

Who really pulls the strings?

Had a very special day yesterday. Joined the Marriage Club.

Russell Brand yet again hits the nail in the head.

The world believed that Robin Williams was immune to the suffering he succumbed to, because he seemed to be so full of energy and awesome humour.

With his death, we learned that even endless laughter cannot stop the darkness the rest of the world is suffering.

Protect and serve.

Well, this article explains a few things.

Via Daring Fireball.

Hey baby…. Wanna kiss?

Not only is the app free, but you get a great experience right out of the starting blocks without any in-app purchases.

There was something lovely about writing my wedding speech with the fapping and chunking of a typewriter. I found myself typing to a rhythm that not only sounded more pleasant, but made my writing smoother and clearer.

I’m going to have a good old play with this, and perhaps even be brave enough to switch of the delete key.